About Us

Live Consciously, Love Freely

The road to perfection is equal part deliberate and equal part per chance. This is the realisation our founder, Martyna came to, after years of toiling and searching for the perfect blend of natural, nourishing, and healthy ingredients—producing an au natural feel for clients seeking a demure, yet effective organic skincare solution.

With an extensive background in journalism, an unburdened sexual orientation, and a flair for researching organic skincare, Martyna moved to the United Kingdom to pursue her flair for concocting safe, healthy, natural skincare products; perfect for all skin types, genders, and ages. Her lifelong interest in investigative journalism, fuelled her race to perfecting beauty formulas; with no allowances for shortcuts; inhumane animal testing, and environmentally depleting chemicals.

Starting with highly touted hand lotions and sanitisers, all stocked by high-end establishments (spas, hotels, and restaurants) across the country, we have slowly penetrated the traditional beauty industry—installing a new standard for sustainability, equality, and a more conscious blend of natural ingredients. From this more laid back beginning, our founder decided to dig even further—unlocking the secret 26.

26 proprietary formulas, each well researched, jealously guarded, and tested only on willing participants, on the path to finding the right blend for you. Standing apart from the cutthroat methods of the cosmetic industry, all of our products carry a guarantee of being; cruelty free, vegan friendly, and eco-friendly.

At ForestHive we are cheerfully unhindered by traditional standards of beauty, our products are as equally homogenous as they are diverse—perfect for all skin types, regardless of race, sex, age, or other superficial differentiators that aim to keep us apart. Through our quest for the best organic skin care products, we have shifted our focus to sustainability and a common denominator—the human—rather than harping on differentiators that drive a wedge between us.